Dinah Kissa. Nineteen.
I just want to fashion design and see the world. Maybe sing. But no matter what, I just want to be doing it because it makes me happy. I may not be able to make everyone happy, but I can start with myself, and if everyone worked like that, we'd all be happy.

Also PJ is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever met in my life.

this doesnt match and although it makes me uncomfortable, i’ll go with it because it’s a holiday. happy easter, love you all. eat lamb, please.

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Bitch Party 2k14

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Bitch party 2k14

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Try A Little Tenderness BY Chris Brown
This Christmas-Songs from the Motion Picture
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Chris Brown - Try A Little Tenderness
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Ditch texts

Stanley: Why would anybody like to celebrate the day of my birth, people died on that day... You'd be mocking them.
Stanley: I'd really appreciate if you wouldn't make a big deal about it...
Stanley: Actually... I put, "my little D is growing up too fa" the st didn't fit.
Dinah: Oh, I dunno. Maybe because I'm glad I met you??
Dinah: :( Can I at least get you a cake?
Dinah: That's so lovely. Maybe June 27th wouldn't mind holding the "st" for you. And if it does mind, well do it anyway. Show it who's boss.
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Ditch texts

Stanley: I very well remember my birthday being last year.
Stanley: No, no birthday party, nope. I'm not a people person and that'd require me to shower, clean, and host a party for people I don't even know.
Stanley: I'll add it to my calendar.
Dinah: See, this sort of thing happens every year. Mental, I know, but I do fancy it. It's supposed to be like a celebration of the day you were born, because people are happy you were born. At least, the ones who matter are.
Dinah: What if it's just...a few people? It'll be fun, I promise! And I'll help you clean and even decorate if you wanted.
Dinah: I can just see you writing "Little D's birthday" now. Cheers.
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Ditch texts

Stanley: My birthday was last year, on the 16th of April.
Stanley: You don't have to tell me your birth date.
Dinah: Stanley! Oh my goodness, that's so close! How old are you turning?! Are you going to throw a party? We have to turn up even if it's just a silly, little movie night or something. Okay? Okay. It's final.
Dinah: Yes, I do. It was a fair trade, sir. June 26th.
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